Fab Mezzanotte Dip Prop

Director / Licensed Real Estate Agent

A little about me

Fab commenced his career in residential real estate in 1985 as a young property manager. After a few years in this role Fab sought to explore commercial sales and leasing as his next career move. After having worked a number of years and exposed to all aspects of commercial property Fab then fulfilled his desire to become a real estate principal in 1989 at the age of 22.

Fab in his later years he developed a niche market for himself and his clients focusing on the design and construction of purpose built industrial buildings on a pre-lease and pre-sale basis and in the process, built a formidable commercial property business.

Later in his career Fab was approached by a giant US-based global commercial real estate brand Coldwell Banker Commercial, the largest real estate brand in the USA to join their group. Fab had the foresight to acquiring the master rights for the brand with the objective of building the brand Australia wide so as to service his existing clients not only nationally, but exposing his clients to global property opportunities.

The experience exposed Fab to world class standards and how commercial real estate was transacted globally. This allowed Fab to expand his career towards engagements globally, particularly in the US on how to grow a real estate businesses and transacting properties globally.

His experience extends to many categories of Real estate that include residential, commercial, industrial and specialist development sites for land subdivisions, medium density sites for apartments and town homes, advisory, feasibilities, representing vendors, buyers and tenants, commercial tenants, high net worth individuals, government and institutional clients.

” I love the competitiveness of sport, I’m especially good at tennis and soccer and with an overabundance will to win all the time, this same will to win is what I bring to my clients. That will to win and to always do the best have blessed my clients and me with great successes. I like to develop relationships with my long standing clients and the Privilege to call them great friends.”